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Hey It's Me Bobby T videos

Here is a series of short videos featuring my alter ego Bobby T! Enjoy!!!

Episode Directory

So many to choose from . . . why not just watch them all!

EP #101

In this episode Bobby T introduces his neighbor Fred! Just one in a long line of Neighbor Fred stories!

E #102

Bobby T's neighbor Fred brags about his dog. You would think he had some kind of genius dog!

Ep #103

Bobby T shows a video of a man riding his bike on the beach. Only in Ventura could this happen!

Ep #104

It is said that great minds think alike. And what about the not so great mionds? Or the average minds? The truth is that all minds are alike. Just watch and see!

EP #105

Many people have a middle name. But what is so special about a middle name? Watch this video and find out!

EP #106

It is said that life can be hard. But what do we do when that happens? Bobby T's neighbor Fred has just the solution. But why are you still here when you could be watching thw video to find out the real story!

EP #107

Bobby T's neighbor Fred finds himself the victim of harsh accusations by his wife! Fred pleads with Bobby T to help him. And as always Bobby T saves the day with an excellent response!

EP #108

Many times we hear someone say, "May he or she rest in peace". Well Bobby T's neighbor Fred offers a new perspective on the subject. Watch the video and find out what that solution could be!

EP #109

Sometimes coffee is the answer to whatever ails you. And other times we need something with a little more zing. Neighbor Fred has the cure. Watch this video to see!

EP #110

We all could use helpful advice that gets us through those hard times. And who better to offer up that bit of sage than the one and only John Lennon. Always quick to share his wisdom and we miss that every single day! Thx, John!!!

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