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Bob Telford





Height: 6’

Weight: 155

Gray hair

Green eyes



BT @pier framed.jpg

Butterfly Caught               Director                        Dir: Manny Rodriguez Jr.


Love Street                       George                         Dir: Yoko Okumura


Fujiyama Ichiban              Professor Sebastian     Dir: Michi Yamato


In Your Father's Shadow   Arty                               Dir: Evan Salce

Wild Horses                       Officer Cook                 Dir: Stephanie Martin

Cabana Gardens               Christian Prayer Host   Dir: Kyle Sleiss

The Quest                          Dr. Verhoven                Dir: Ryan Velasquez

Riding With James Dean   Tex                                Dir: Tim Powell


The Chase                         Office Worker                James Crocket


Abashed                            Resident Artist              Peter Holden


Parks and Recreation         Co-Star                        NBC - Dir. Ken Whittingham


Fall Into Me                         Guest-Star                   Dir. Yoko Okumura

Pineapple                            Guest-Star                   Dir. Arkasha Stevenson

Fujiyama Ichiban                Series Regular             Dir. Michi Yamato

Rosanne                             Co-Star                        Dir:John Whitsell

Reasonable Doubts            Co-Star                        Dir: Eric Laneuville

Sant Barbara                       Co-Star                        NBC

Hot Prospects                     Co-Star                        Dir: Jack Shea

2010 - present

2010 - present


Over 150 commercials. Current conflicts available upon request.

Training & Workshops

CSUN - Theater Arts

Pierce College - Theater Arts

Stella Adler - Master Class


Improvisation - Bedlam AC

Scene Study - David Dean Botrell


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