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Bob was born in Galesburg, Ill. on August 23rd, 1952. His family has a long history of performing. His Great-Grandfather, Sylvester Sanford played piano in honky-tonks and later brought his music to his evangelical services all across the United States. Bob's Grandmother played piano from a very young age and instilled in Bob a love for all types of music.

As a young boy, Bob sang in the church choir. In high school, he was a member of several garage bands, performing in the San Fernando Valley where he and his family resided. His introduction to theater came quite by accident when he met a girl who happened to be a costumer for a local theater. He immediately fell in love with the stage and never looked back.


Over the years Bob has held a variety of day jobs which have included pumping gas, delivering auto parts, making bagels, and selling office furniture. Not all at the same time! Bob has not worked outside of the entertainment industry since 1984.


Bob has had the good fortune to perform in theater, film, TV, and commercials since 1978. Early acting gigs included performing voices for Disney Children's Record Division, A TV pilot starring George Clooney (Pre ER), and appearances on the Dr. Demento Radio Show. Along the way, he has also supported himself through directing. He has directed over 200 special event projects for The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, numerous educational and industrial films. Bob has received several awards for his directing, including The Hermes Creative, The Communicator & The Telly.


Bob continues to stay busy. He was a writer & performer in Fierce Backbone's 2015 entry "WTF"  in the Hollywood Fringe Festival and Co-Produced and starred in the 2016 Hollywood Fringe presentation of "The Big Snake". In 2017 Bob became part of 8 Aprons, a production company Tom Cavanaugh created to make cutting-edge programming. Their first venture, a web series titled "Hollywood Vampire" written by Tom Cavanaugh. Episodes from season 1 premiered on youtube in October 2018. Bob also wrote, directed, and acted in the short "A Simple Comfort", which is screening at a number of film festivals across the US. In 2019 Bob performed in the world premiere of Cailin Harrison's "Last Swallow". Now in 2021, Bob's current list of projects include the podcast series Do What You Like!. Episodes can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart radio and FM Player. You can also check out for more information. Don't forget to check out Bob's new web video series, Hey It's Me Bobby T, on Youtube. The link for that can be found in this site on the Hey It's Me Bobby T page.

Along with the acting, Bob has applied his creative talents to painting and sculpting. A lot of his sculptures are created from found objects that he collects when he goes hiking or walks along the beaches near his home. Please check out the galleries for examples of Bob's work!


As the father of one girl and two boys and grandfather of four beautiful girls, Bob can't have asked for a better life!

"I love sharing my creative energy as much as I can. My goal is to work with as many talented people as possible. I hope you are one of them!"



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